Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hello world.

Welcome to my blog.  I plan to use this space to share my thoughts and experiences on what I'm drinking.  I have a real fondness for whisky and brandy (specifically Armagnac) so this blog will probably focus mostly on those with some occasional deviation.  The world has a million whisky blogs but, in my opinion, not nearly enough blogs that talk about brandy.  That was really the genesis of me taking the effort to start this blog.  I wish there were more people talking about what I like to drink so I'm going to do my part and add to the conversation.  While there are already a million whisky blogs and the world probably doesn't need one more of those I figure no one is actually going to read this anyway so think of this blog as my personal journal and feel free to take a look at my innermost liquor related thoughts.

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