Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Review: Domaine De Jean-Bon 1995 20 Year Old Armagnac

Domaine De Jean-Bon 1995 - 20 Year Old Armagnac, 45%

Appearance:  Auburn, caramel.

Nose:  Some alcohol, a bit of caramel and even a bit of grape.

Taste: A little light and thin for the proof.  The alcohol makes its presence known throughout each sip.  Tastes of light caramel and some cherry.  It has a nice oak spice and leaves just a little sweetness but overall has a dry finish.

Conclusion: This is good but not great.  At 20 years for $60 it was a good value and in my opinion is worth the price.  This has some flaws but it s still enjoyable and I don't regret buying my bottle.

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